About Me

1982 was a year of gifts for me: my first piano, my first guitar, and a Zorba CP/M machine with 300 baud modem. I've been obsessively creating with music and technology ever since. I like to build things and mentor people. I'm a guitarist, composer, programmer, amateur mycologist, struggling woodworker, runner.


2017: Playing music these days with John Vallier in Repellency Workshop and the Ballard Guitar Group (name change coming soon).
I occasionally release a solo album.
I've written a few orchestral pieces. My music's been used in a bunch of films.
I help run L4 Digital.
Actively developing composition tools in a python module called Thuja.

Past Projects:

I helped develop the location-based audio software Roundware.
Tuktu (2012-2015)
Degenerate Art Ensemble (1999-2002 well, you're never really OUT..)
C'mon C'mon(2005-2010)
Wizard Prison (2006-2010)
Baby (2002-2005)
Medicine Hat (1989-1994).

Seattle-based musician and programmer