I'm a guitarist, composer, programmer, amateur mycologist, struggling woodworker, runner.
This site covers my activities in music and, sometimes, interactive art.


I play music with Tuktu and Gamma Male.

I occasionally release a solo album.

I've written a few orchestral pieces. My music's been used in a bunch of films.

I help run Artifact Technologies.

I'm on the board of Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies and Symbiogenics.

I help develop the location-based audio software Roundware.

I wrote a little python module for algorithmic composition which I use a lot: pyComposition.

Degenerate Art Ensemble (1999-2002)

C'mon C'mon (2005-2010)

Wizard Prison (2006-2010)

Baby (2002-2005)

Medicine Hat (1989-1994).  

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  1. Dear Ben,

    I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing you play with Sean Bates in Medicine Hat. Even though I was born in Spokane, I was born a little too late (in 1990), which would make me about 4 years old when you guys discontinued. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter, because I only recently discovered Medicine Hat earlier in 2016. And in my honest opinion, when I first heard the first track (Empty) of your 1994 album, it completely blew me away, as it was so much different than all the other “grunge” albums at that time. There’s no denying (at least to my ears) it had a lot of the angst and attitude of the Seattle sound, but the album was also so twangy and art-rock-like. I finally found a used copy of the album on Amazon, and when it finally arrived at my house, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the album was already signed, on the album art, by you (at least I think it’s your signature; I see a capital B and a capital M, so I guess it’s a safe bet). Anyways, I know the band has been dissolved for about 22 years now, but I still want to genuinely thank you (also Sean Bates, Jason Legat, and Jason Thomson) for making this album the way it was. It’s definitely in my Top 3 of all time (I just love it so much). It’s a real shame there’s not much information about Medicine Hat on the Internet (except for your website here), but even so, I’m proud to say I’m a new fan, howbeit 22 years late. Anyways, have a good one, take care.

    — Josh Phillips

  2. Thanks so much Josh! Great to hear that our record is still hitting people the right way. I can’t believe there’s a copy with my autograph floating around.

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