My Sound: June 2015: Collages + Edits

My Sound: June 2015: Collages by Ben McAllister When I was little, my folks were cool enough to give me a record player and a bunch of random records. These would prove to be formative, just like everything else I heard – themes to tv shows, cartoon music, anything on the radio. I listened to …


My Sound: March 2015

My Sound: March 2015 by Listen Faster Music  Tracks 1-5: From Shag Carpet Sunset (2002) I think at some point we thought we’d be halfway between the McKenzie brothers and the Cohen brothers. This was the first big move by my filmmaking brother Andy and a prolific time for me. These tracks were produced with the help …


Gamma Male: Ice, Whole

My longtime partner-in-crime Matt Wainwright and I have been recording long Herzogian explorations for the past year or two under the name Gamma Male, the latest in a lineage of projects that started in high school with Human Lunchbox, followed by Choco D, Secret Kitty, Underwater Bus Enforcers, and lately KLOD. We’ve been sitting on …


My Sounds: February 2015

In 2005 filmmaker Patricia O’Brien told me about a documentary she was shooting on the Duwamish River. This waterway had gone from sacred site to shipping superhighway, and was polluted to the point of being declared a Superfund site by the Clinton Administration. Georgetown residents and tribal elders shared oral histories in the clips I …


My Sound: January 2015

So I’ve been reading these books by Norwegian writer Karl Ove Knausgaard called My Struggle, where he fills out details of memories to make a sort of embellished autobiographical picture of his life. Not quite non-fiction, it takes a shape of it’s own, pulling you into a part of his life and seeing yourself there. …


Medicine Hat: Tri-Cities, 1994

I was guitarist for Medicine Hat, a Seattle rock band active in the 1990s during Seattle’s grungy mcGrunge period. Yuck I’ve always hated that word. Anyways – this is a little reflection on an awesome couple of years playing with my best friends. Medicine Hat by Listen Faster Music Over the spring of ’93, our …

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Meditating / Little Gremlins

I practice meditation by sitting down and shutting up for 10-20 minutes a day. I practice guitar an hour a day. I practice running for about 1-2 hours, at least 3-4 times per week. I visit similar headspace with each activity, and each sympathizes with my music practice. In my music practice, I always start …

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Mick Goodrick Triads 1

If you aren’t familiar with Mick Goodrick’s writing on the guitar, you’re missing out. His book The Advancing Guitarist is one I’ve come back to again and again since I bought it 25 years ago (!) after reading his amazing articles in Guitar Player magazine in the 80s. This book is well known to many, …



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