Guitar + Meditation: Pull your awareness back to now

Be able to pull your awareness back to now – be here now – when need be.
This piece is fun to play as an exercise in awareness. I developed a few of these pieces as a challenge to dexterity as well as awareness. 
Read bar 1, then examine bar 2. Barely a change, right? Each bar introduces a new, very slight change, that will mess with your muscle memory.
Play bar 1 until you know it by heart, and look at repeated bar number 2. Do you make a mistake playing bar 1?
Try to picture playing bar 2 while playing bar 1. What do you observe?  
Would this be easier or more difficult if it was written in 4/4 time, or in exact time signatures (13/16 in bar 1, for example)?
A run through the piece, taking each repeat four times:
Audio MP3