I’ve been an active developer on the open source project Roundware for the past few months, and it’s been very exciting. I’ve gotten the opportunity to pitch in a project used in Sound Artist Halsey Burgund‘s last few installations, as well as develop a location-based media platform geared towards ART […]


Shortwave: Hidden Spaces

In 2007 I created a piece with Iole Alessandrini called Hidden Spaces. From the press release: Hidden Spaces is an interactive light and sound installation. Lasers create planes that form flat spatial fields. Through the use of video tracking and computerized sound, the planes are ‘audio-visualized’: people explore, with their […]


The VCS3

I began writing pieces in a language called Csound when I was at UW in the mid 90s. Working on SGIs, we wrote programs in LISP to generate these huge lists of notes; lists to be interpreted by instruments written in Csound. This conveyer belt way of making music felt […]

Shortwave Recording 1 – Greeks received in Ballard

What does it sound like when we fall asleep? Are there hypnagogic sounds to accompany the fleeting images you see as your brain tries to shut down? The closest thing to it in the waking world is shortwave radio. For those who don’t know, nearly every nation has broadcast signals […]