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Brother in art Matt Wainwright has a music project he was showing me last night: 4shadows. I've already got a previous release of their's under the name 'Lightwind' and a cd + book set called somethin... Read More


I've been an active developer on the open source project Roundware for the past few months, and it's been very exciting. I've gotten the opportunity to pitch in a project used in Sound Artist Halsey B... Read More


You know who I'm talking about. I first saw Werner Herzog in high school German class, and was hooked since. I like Aguirre and Fitzcaraldo etc, but really got hooked when I saw My Best Fiend. Werner'... Read More

Arthur Russell

I can't stop listening to Arthur Russell's World of Echo. He was truly possessed by some higher force, opened himself up, and out came these live performances. Like Stravinsky said: "I was the vessel ... Read More