January 18, 2024

18 January 2024

This is the first notation I made of a recording done with my 4 track looper, the Circular 4 Track. This system mostly exists in notebooks and one blog entry so far, but there is much more to unpack. I'll post some sounds and the accopanying notation as consider them as a group this winter, in anticipation of a solo show or two March / April. Plus I love making these diagrams.

I've been aiming for roughly one minute of sound per day - here I'm breaking that with almost 3 minutes. If you follow the notation, here's the breakdown:

  • at 0:00, some wide 3rds, with the upper voice played with Ebow.
  • at 1:00, pulse notes shown with the ebow in a 1/16 note rhythm. Feed that into the loop between an 1/8th note and a half note, at whatever tempo you like - I don't specify. The loop should be set about 25% of the total loop length (that's supposed to be the slider position). The 'out' mark with the line through it means turn the output of the loop off - you're feeding the loop sound without hearing the result.
  • At 2:05, enable the output of the loop, and feel free to play some ebow over the loop you've created.
  • At 2:23, play either of the two chords shown, and inject them into the loop you've made freely.

I know these notes will make more sense to me than anyone else, but with some practice writing the explanation of the notation out, I'll get better at notating and tighter in explaining.

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