February 4, 2024

04 February 2024

I"ve been making music with computers since I was in junior high, but started seriously when I learned Csound in the mid 90s studying composition at the University of Washington. While I make a lot of noise with the tools I know, I haven't left my comfort zone to explore music of the live coding movement, but some sort of new year's refresh energy is having it's way with me and I'm looking at many new pathways.

This week, I dug into TidalCycles after joining the Toplap community's Mastodon server. It's rad: friendly welcoming people and a relaxed pace, which reminds me of the BBS scene I was addicted to in the 80s.

Anyways, this is my first attempt at doing something with TidalCycles - my own set of sampled hammer-ons run through a tiny bit of code, yielding nice results.

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