February 10, 2024

10 February 2024

Saturday the Medicine Hat fellas came over to comb through a mildewy box of VHS tapes, most of which hadn't been played in 25 years or so. Total joy was achieved reliving shows and backstage bs with my long time friends. Our bass player Jason left the band in 1994 and was replaced by our friend Scott Smith from Moonshine. We have scant evidence of his contributions except for a vhs tape of a practice, where we're working on new tunes. Jason said a thing that stuck with me, along the lines of: "Scott made Sean sing different". Quite right.

This being my sound journal, I have to post these tunes in their noisy raw form, since they've been in my ears more than anything this past weekend. I can hear how psyched we were about this batch, and I especially love what Sean's doing with his voice. We were all binging on Shudder to Think's Pony Express Record at the time and I think it shows. The math maze at the end was real fun to play.

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