January 8, 2024

08 January 2024

Out on a long run earlier today, I was meditating on how I might notate some instructions for one of these tape pause things like yesterday's minute. Heady day at work, so between zooms I noodled around what symbols I could use, then made a little recording.

You'll see some new glyphs:

  • the "Tape Pause Clef" (that's supposed to be the sign for record and pause together in a box),
  • the "listen for" symbol (which looks like an ear with an arrow out the right side): here the player listens for a sound and, once that sound is recognized, can move on to the next thing. I've used this one a bunch in the past and I thing I invented it?

Also an attempt to explain in an efficient way what is happening when you perform each section.

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