April 13, 2024

13 April 2024

On 99 is another Viaduct-linspried thing. I didn't know I had two. The chorus is the keeper - the vocal is about some parent telling their child about the times before the bombs hit. I wrote it when Iraq was the target, now there could be multiple inspriations - Ukraine, Gaza, and today the sole casualty of the Iranian attack on Israel. Where is this headed? Systems crash at night - the thought was that society had crashed. Decay and break down.

I found this nighttime video experiment Leesa and I did. Slow zooms into different plants lit by a flashlight make for high-contrast and bright colors against a black background. I thought these tulips were especially nice. I did not appreciate her genius with plant life like I do now, but at least I had the presence to capture it here and there. We're moving out of these digs soon and I'm finding piles of video for projects never quite completed.

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