The Emergency Pants Collection (2004)

25 September 2010

The Emergency Pants Collection is a compendium of short films by my friend William Weiss. I had met him through my brother, and commiserated about so many things audio-related, that it seemed old familiar territory by the time we started wading through the audio of his dozen-or-so short films. I learned a lot in the process, and this collection stands out as one of the most musical of film projects I've been involved with.

I gave William a collection of tracks I was mixing for my Alkaline record right before leaving town for a few weeks, only to return to a beaming filmmakers who'd finished our soundtrack with my audio wanderings. This projects also kicked my ass as an audio editor - he really kept my nose to it as I edited the audio for most of the shorts in the colection. I edited, but he steered, and the result was super-educational.

The texture of these pieces brings me back to 1978 or so. I feel like I'm six years old watching these, and nostalgia is sometimes the highest compliment I can pay. These are my favortie excerpts from the collection featuring my music:

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