April 14, 2024

14 April 2024

Continuing with my uplifting series on stoicism and societal decay.. I've been talking to Jason this weekend about lyrics, how we write them, when they work. This is one of mine that works - worked at the time, and it came out spotaneously when I was driving from from work - I pulled over and out came words into my recorder like kool aid from a pitcher. I've been stuck in the middle, won't you get me unstuck? I've been trawling all day and I'm not having any luck. See I'm searching for some kind of counselor to hold. I hear it's warm inside, but I'm still waiting in the cold. There's no justice for a man who'll let you be. You want someone to distract you like bullshit on TV. There's no kindness, not in any kind of manly way. Strap yourselves in and set the course for some cultural decay. Decay and breakdown - I've got to turn it all around. It's the same above as in the underground - come on little sucka break it down. I've been searching for sunlight and a hand to hold but there's a stigma attached to being icy cold. It'd take an earthquake to make you see I'm really here. Maybe a moment of crisis will put me in the clear? We gotta simplify. Sometimes the noise is just too much. I go to parties and all I get is "how can you be such an old man, always stuck back in the past?" I just have a hard time seeing how so much hate is gonna last.

Recorded this very off-the-cuff demo of this just now, after not singing it in ages. Let's see if my perfectionist self can handle leaving it up.

A picture of Sean and David around the time we wrote this. Happy birthday, David.

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