Common Music + Grace: Undead algorithms live on

22 December 2014

2022 note: CM may nearly be a dead project, so I'm publishing this more for myself.

I’ve been getting reacquainted with Common Music and Grace for the past few weeks, looking at old pieces I create in CM 1.4 and porting them as I go to CM 3.9. I’ll be keeping some notes here which may morph into posts on a separate blog/forum/site dedicated to CM.

For now, here are the relevant online resources I’ve been able to identify:

Specific to Common Music:

Main Common Music page

Common Music Dictionary

The CM Dist Mailing List

Taube’s Notes from the MetaLevel is best acquired through Amazon AFAIK

Csound Journal article on CM/Grace

For oldtimers like me, the pre-2002 cmdist archives can be useful

Grace builds are archived here. I had a problem with the latest Mac build available through the App Store, but found a working package here.

Scheme and other relevant resources: - hub of the online Scheme community. CM is an extension of Scheme, which in turn is a dialect of Lisp.

One python programmer’s notes on learning scheme. He’s a good writer so it’s a fun read.

Main S7 page - S7 is an extension of Scheme which CM leverages.

Two free books! The Scheme Programming Language and Practical Common Lisp

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