April 10, 2024

10 April 2024

Can't remember where this sketch was, but it evoked a trudge across the tundra to me and was one of the first things to inspire me to write the Tuktu material. I remember going nuts from too much office work downtown and went to the music floor of the library downtown - the kick ass Rem Koolhaus building we have in Seattle. There was a practice room with piano which I could lock myself in for an hour, and I made this interlocking clapping rhythm there. Clapping the pulses is always a way to break the writer's block for me.

This is a still from our second Tuktu promo. Walking across the beach on San Juan Island, I color-balanced my bare footprints in the sand to evoke a barefoot tundra-walk, like Atanarjuat in The Fast Runner.

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