March 18, 2024

18 March 2024

For the last 5 years I've been obsessed with writing pieces for my group Guitar Cult - lots of pieces for either 3, 4 of 6. We've been on hiatus since fall, probably getting back to it at the end of summer, but we're going to get together and run our set next week, and it's got me revisiting a lot of unfinished work. I cranked so many demos out for us–I haven't gone into my Guitar Cult folder for a while but there are definitely some overlooked gems.

Here's a bit that was cut from our piece Land Bridge Approach, which my notebooks says was the start of another piece called Ascensions. Really hard to count and play, but a cool effect - I'll have to do something with this. Note to self: this is a session called Mists v1, when you were calling these phasing experiments 'mists'.

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