April 1, 2024

01 April 2024

I found a longer recording of 15190, which I mentioned yesterday - there were actually two drone / loop pieces lasting about 5 minutes each. I pulled the other piece into today's minute, as well as some other sounds found through shortwave: me 'playing' the sideband tuner on my Sony 7600GR, and one of the first recordings I made with the Jowita shortwave I bought in 2000 when the Degenerate Art Ensemble had our residency at Schokoladen in Berlin.

Note to self: Looks like 15190 has been Brazilian for a while - I wonder if there's still trance music being played on Fridays at 9:22 AM UTC?

Yesterday we received a Happy Easter call from Bob Bingham, who went to school with my dad and played Caiaphas in the movie version of Jesus Christ Superstar, which we watch every year at Christmas. My dad gave me his number to give him a buzz on Christmas, but we got his voice mail, and he was finally returning the call. Such a sweet guy, and really an amazing surprise - thanks Daddo.

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