March 23, 2024

23 March 2024

I mentioned the Dan Bau a few days ago, but didn't have a good illustration of what I meant. I have a few of these little kernels in my notebooks ready for a group of guitarists who can control the pitch with the whammy bar well. Until I get that group together (no presh Guitar Cult homies), these will exist in sketch form. I sure love the sound of harmonics. I can do a lot more with this, so reminder to myself to pick up where I left off with this little loop + Wond clip.

The picture is from my first long ride of the year this past week. There was a nice paste-up on the Burke-Gilman trail of Shelly Duvall in her wide-eyed early 70s glory, with Tron hands, or maybe Tetsuo hands? I first snapped it grafitti-free on November 3, 2021. You can see how much the tagging has covered it since then, but they spared her eyes.

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