Guitar Solos: Alkaline and Nazca Aerial

09 June 2005

In 2004, I was invited to participate in the Big Sur Experimental Music Festival’s Sound Shift piece, and had no solo albums to bring. I had group recordings where my out-guitar voice occasionally shone through but had nothing to say ‘here’s what I’m doin’. With this gig as goal, I set my mind to channeling my recent software experiments, my film work, and my love of Fred Frith and Hans Reichel into a focused release. I gave a few concerts (audio below), playing improvs crafted with my software I dubbed ‘the glitchy delay’. This software was inspired by Scandinavian minimalist electronic stuff I’d heard on the Komplott and Fukkgod netlabels – I was particularly taken with Tsukimono.

At any rate, the pieces on the album quickly found their way into two scores I was doing: one for Brandon Schmid’s Taos, one for Brandon Schaeffer's Emergency Pants Collection. I pressed a few hundred, sold them, and got on.

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