13 June 2023

Exposé interview with Medicine Hat

Exposé review's Medicine Hat's debut

Danette Davis's thoughts on Seattle Guitar Circle and Guitar Cult's September 2023 show

Danette Davis's thoughts on our July 2023 duo show

Scores and Parts for 3 pieces - Askance, The Rock and Land Bridge Approach - are now available through Stropes Editions, March 2022

Track for Land Bridge Approach available, Nov 2021

My music featured on Wayward in Limbo audio stream, July 2021

Alberto Whitmer, Zach Tremblay, and Max Foreman perform "The Rock (for 3 Guitars)" by Ben McAllister, Spring 2021.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students Max Foreman, Alberto Whitmer, and Zach Tremblay perform "Askance" by Ben McAllister, Fall 2020.

Medicine Hat TV appearances (from 1994) on YouTube

Of interest

Toplap Mastodon

Manual for the original Teenage Engineering OP-1

Manual for the Teenage Engineering EP-133 (KO II)

Graham Lock: “What I Call a Sound”: Anthony Braxton’s Synaesthetic Ideal and Notations for Improvisers

Stockhausen on Mikrophone + Notation, 2/14/1972 (part 1 of 4)

Stockhausen on Intuitive Music (part 1 of 2)

Shot-by-shot, then-and-now comparisons of 60s/70s film with those locations currently - lots of Seattle films.

Whole Earth Index - all the catalogs and more

Meta (parent co of Facebook) in Myanmar


TidalCycles Docs

Ableton Note

Sound American - Archive Page

Archive of Braxton Restructures Page

Latest Csound Manual

Csound Github

Alternate Search / Link Aggregators


Hacker News



Million short

Retro Computing stuff

2 Stop Bits - Retro only HN clone

CP/M and MP/M at VCF Forums

Tech Tinkering

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