May 17, 2024

17 May 2024

"Morning Music" - notebook says 20181104-085906-acoustic snaps on harms - morning music, so likely recorded the morning of November 4, 2018, a Sunday. Looking at my photos, I only took pictures of shelves at Costco, so luckily there was some artistic activity that day. A lot of editing and squaring up to get this close to a sketch.

Crawlspace detail from Jason. TIL that I've had it backwards - the ones hanging from ceilings of caves are stactites, piling up on the ground are stalagmites. The question came up earlier this week - can the accrued dryer lint under an open dryer vent be a slactite. From Wikipedia: "Stalactites may be composed of lava, minerals, mud, peat, pitch, sand, sinter, and amberat (crystallized urine of pack rats)." The last one is super gross, sorry. Looks like we need a new term.

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