July 6, 2024

06 July 2024

The ol minor 6 -> 5 in the melody. It's hard not to hear DJ Shadow Stem off Entroducing every time I hear that move in a melody, but not everyone hears (or thinks) the same. In computer music class at UW, I had a classmate nail a point that boiled down to "not everyone's set of references is the same", but he literally said "you can't think like me - no one thinks the same". I heard perceiving - "No one can perceive a thing the same" - and that's one of the reasons I'm doing this minutes blog. Not only do I perceive a sound in my own individual way regardless, I have a different perception of the thing over time. In particular, I may have a cringey experience with a sound I post, thoughts like "it's not done", "it's not perfect", "lazy", "too raw" etc, then one of you will say "I like that one, I want to know where it goes", or "can you share that file with me", and I'm left with the thought that I understand music even less than I thought I did. Takes me down a healthy notch. For me dying is when I stop learning, when I stop moving, so this is good.

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