July 7, 2024

07 July 2024

How should I write up these angular lines? Using 8va marks keeps things close to the staff and avoids the use of ledger lines, but it doesn't really 'look like it sounds', does it? I'll try to explain the thing I'm exploring in these lines. I play these patterns, and they're kind of mechanical initially - a function of hopping around scale patterns and playing bits in each register. I don't do anything terribly interesting rhythmically, just a constant pulse that I might double - if everything is eighths, I might throw in some sixteenths. As I get used to these patterns, my muscle memory starts to kick in and flesh the line out with the easiest things I can add–at least, that's how I experience it. The result can be unexpected - like what Jason pulled out in the Hey Johnny song, which I don't think I posted yet - here's a blip.

Slider rays original

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