May 4, 2024

04 May 2024

It used to be the case that I'd be recording every year on my birthday. It wasn't an intentional decision, but something that started randomly the year my brother made Vanilla Guerilla, and I was in a studio with a horn section playing an arrangement I made myself. Still so gratifying to hear your horn writing played well and hear that the players liked to play it. This was recorded May 4, 1997 - I wish I had the names of the players to properly credit them, but I was young and dumb and didn't write down their names. When we're done with the move I've got to comb the journals for some credits and update this. I know it's Dylan Cooper on the bass and I think the bongos, but that might've been Andy.

I'm about to pack up my music room of 22 years for good. I sure did make a lot of noise in this joint.

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